The good thing about winter apples are that they’re fermented! The bad thing about them is they’re fermented!

The more the waxwings ate, the more daring their aerobatic displays became until this unlucky fellow smacked right into my studio window. Delightment to aghastment in 0.5 seconds. I stood up and looked out on the patio to see a small, still creature lying on it’s side with eyes closed.

As I watched, he groggily got to his feet and had himself a little breather. A sit-down, if you will. I went out to check on him and he just looked at me (blearily, I assume) as I snapped a few shots of him while he caught his breath and equilibrium. Then in a flurry of dew drops and sound he flew off to the nearest tree. He looked around, called out to his buddies, and they launched to the hunt – chasing flies and mosquitos, each one trying to outdo the other in daring ‘between branches’ manouevres.