Cynicism Never Was Wisdom -or- A joyful end to the world as we know it

photo: Clarice Anderson
photo: Clarice Anderson

This is Banff, Alberta, Canada

The closest mountains are Rundle on the right and the smaller Tunnel Mountain on the left.

We know it as Sleeping Buffalo.

The legend is that when time has passed and the time is right, the mountain will move, the Sleeper will awaken.

It will be a signal that the Buffalo are returning to the plains.

Many religions espouse an apocalyptic vision for the world that must surely come before we settle into paradise. And that may be the case. Maybe things have to fall before we can pick ourselves up again in the right ways.

I have no problem with any faith, creed or ideology as long as it’s main purpose is to ease the suffering of the children of men.

If not, then what good is it?

We live in interesting times. I learned from a fortune cookie that this is a curse. I feel it’s a blessing.

We have the opportunity to serve like never before. Our connectedness (which many decry as a form of disconnection) is doing something really remarkable. It’s teaching us deeper and deeper compassion. It’s tearing down the walls that keep us apart.

A neighbour can now live halfway across the world and our hearts will cry for them in their need, and laugh with them in triumph.

It’s really quite beautiful.

There are a lot of challenges coming. Those of us who live in so-called First World countries will have some adapting to do before it all plays itself out, and that’s okay. We live like futuristic royalty anyway, even the poorest of us, comparatively speaking.

And maybe, just maybe, some smart lady or fellow will figure us out of this headlong rush we’re in, this dependence on extreme energy gathering and burning that seems pretty great when running smoothly and pretty horrific when it fails.

But there’s no reason to fear.

Perhaps mourn, yes. But fear? No.

This world is breathtakingly beautiful. We appreciate far less than we could, and that’s a cause for sadness, and probably the greater reason is that we don’t respect the earth as much as we could – don’t love this planet as much as we should.

A lot of people think everything is okay as long as they’re making money. Don’t worry about those people. They aren’t worth arguing with or getting annoyed over – they’re just trying to care for their families and got a little blinded along the way. It happens to the best of us. The reality is that the way we live is not okay. This is not not a value judgement, just a science call.

It’s simply unsustainable and something’s gotta give. Either the ecosystem or us.

I think it should be us.

I believe that if everyone who reads this makes it an intention to actively speak to their representatives and friends for better energy solutions, better research, and more responsibility toward our lands and waters, that the world would rapidly change for the better.

There is a fear that if we get off the heroin drip of oil, something horrible will happen to the economy.

Well who on earth do you think is selling that idea? Who gains to lose?


We already have the technology available to wean ourselves off petrochemicals and nuclear power and develop an entirely new economy and jobs system. We will be okay.

We don’t have to invent anything new, we just have to use what’s already available.

We have to grow up.

And that means we have to find delight, magic, joy and wisdom in our hearts.

As I’ve always said:

Hope was never naivety just as
Cynicism never was wisdom

Hope is what intelligent people do.

Hope is what the Elders teach us.

Hope combined with faith is the most powerful transformative power in the world.

I hope you choose to be happy.

I hope you know you’re not alone.

I hope you will be the change we so desperately need.

And I have faith in all these things.

If the world as we know it is to end, let’s let it end in an explosion of joy and celebration, a flowering of better and better days.

If the Sleeping Buffalo is going to awaken, then let’s give the returning herds a free world in which to roam.

Let our spirits and theirs roam together in a world made more beautiful than we found it when it’s our time to leave.

This we can do.

I know.

Because I have hope and I have faith.

I can see it if I allow myself to, and let me tell you…it’s pretty nice.

hiy hiy



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6 Replies to “Cynicism Never Was Wisdom -or- A joyful end to the world as we know it”

  1. Hope was the last evil out of Pandoras box. Most people don’t know the truer meaning of the word as it shows the real educative process at work with the demeaning of individual awareness; it gives one a wishful thinking, a make-believe world without reality. It is an addictive way: hope. The Native did not believe in hope – the Native knew reality and did something about it because they knew the truth – so without hope is one has to do something rather than wish for something.

    1. False hope, blind hope, absolutely.

      Hope based on knowledge, strength. community and love? That’s an incredible strength.

      All mothers and fathers hope for their children, no matter their culture. This is human, and very important.

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