Good men and women give their lives daily for their people.

While I believe that we can eventually figure out a way to live that doesn’t involve armed conflict, it’s a reality today.

Wars and conflicts take away these bright young souls, or scar them so deeply that the pain will be with them their entire lives.

It’s a deep national shame then, when a government sends our daughters and sons into battle to protect a national interest (be it humanitarian or corporate) but discard these same soldiers when they return.

There is something very broken when someone who gave the best part of themselves abroad must fight and take legal action against their own nation just to get a decent pension, or the healthcare they require.

As we remember our veterans and soldiers, let us also honour them for their sacrifice.

Please take the time to do the right thing. Talk to your Representative, ask them to properly and generously support our troops.

Not as a political slogan, but as a legislative act of decency and goodwill on behalf of the people.

We all carry the shame of our government’s disdain for our wounded heroes, and the hypocrisy of praising them, wearing a poppy, standing in silence is one that we should not willingly or comfortably bear.

We do honour to the fallen by observing that silence, but we dishonour the living by remaining quiet.

Whether you agree or disagree with the wars to which they are sent is irrelevant.

They are here now, they have done their duty, and now it’s time for us to do ours.

hiy hiy


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