If You’re Afraid…

…of spiders, then you will not want to click on this photo. I saw this as I was taking a walk the other day. My brain couldn’t process what I was seeing, so I bent in reaaaally close to figure it out.


Anyway, if you have a strong stomach and little things like the circle of life don’t bother you, then click away!

4 Replies to “If You’re Afraid…”

  1. Not a big spider fan, but I didn’t mind this one, it is so pretty – now if it had dark, wiggly hairy legs I might not have clicked…

  2. I will definitely SCREAM if a spider even LOOKS like it is coming my way, but I love looking at them close up in photos…this is a really cool one! Thanks!

  3. pg, i’m the exact opposite. the hairy ones don’t bother me…maybe because they some more mammalian? it’s these smooth, alien ones that make me back up a half step or two.

    c_r, no problem. I was wondering whether to post it or not, but being one step removed from the reality of watching it unfold kind of helps put it into a better perspective for me. It make me wonder how those wildlife documentarians feel when they keep the cameras rolling on some of those grisly hunter/hunted scenes.

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