More winter. Settle in folks, it’s cold and snow until May!

To many people it probably looks like a version of hell, but I love it here. I love getting bundled up, hearing the snow crunch underfoot. I love the crystal crisp nights, all in darkness, the aurora dancing to the north, the icy stars blinking in some long forgotten cosmic dance.

I love the puff of breath from the magpie sitting on a low branch, and the silence in the valley.

I love the shock of walking outside to a world that is so intense that you can hear the lake ice groaning and the slap of air on your face sets off primal warnings to make haste, to cover skin, to get things done with deliberate purpose and pace.

Stepping into a warm place, feeling safety seep back into the bones, and the amazing taste of a perfect mug of hot chocolate at the end of the day, sleep overtaking a body that burned up it’s own fire, just to ward off the slinking tendrils of an arctic wind.

It has it’s pain and it’s dangers, and the homeless are at risk (along with stubborn teenagers who refuse to concede more than a hoody and gloves), but even still, there is something about it all that inspires, that quiets the soul.

My home.

Hiy hiy.





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