White Raven Series

Ice Raven
24″ x 30″
Mixed Media
on Canvas

A comment from a friend on the White Raven series:

…the sense of blood and freshly frozen death that I feel fuels the bright bitter triumph, reaches for the promise of warmth in the yellow star as sun-seed, and wants to speak through the pink and mauve of the pinions.

Put another way: imagine the painting on the ground at midnight, a dead, dessicated white bird caught in a pool of ice, the moon reflecting just so an inch beyond its beak.

Your comments?

2 Replies to “White Raven Series”

  1. That was quite poetic, however I saw something different. More base I guess. As I’ve been seeing a certain white raven out my backdoor, and it always flies toward the mountains, I saw freedom at night. I adore the quiet of the night. Pure freedom. That could be death I suppose, or life.


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