A Simple Holiday pt.1

I love clouds, travelling on the road, and camping. I got all three this week.

It started last Monday night. As much family as could be gathered was over and we laughed and loved, ate and drank, and there was much rejoicing. And then these clouds slowly, silently and with sudden stealth appeared over the city. We all gathered outside to observe the somber progression…

…as the clouds kept moving in a windless evening until they passed overhead dragging a thick wall of rain behind the leading edge…

…and for twenty minutes the world was awash with the gales of wind that had been skulking in the background of the humid heat of the day, saturated with rain that fell like manna on a sunbaked earth.

The next day was a hop in the car and a five hour trip east to Turtle Lake in Saskatchewan where we just caught up to the tail of that same storm as the sun set, giving us a startling show of colour….

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The next evening was cloudless and silent and I slept easily for the first time in weeks…

More to follow…

6 Replies to “A Simple Holiday pt.1”

  1. I’m a fellow cloud-lover…I also snapped a similar photo to yours of the one that looks like an ominous spaceship hovering over the city…it was spooky…the sunset pic with candy colored clouds would look quite stunning incorporated into one of your paintings.

  2. Is that the same storm Aiyana loved watching with you and the family? It looks just like she described it. Aiyana said her dad didn’t quite get the family’s reaction to it. She figures it’s his lack of creative expression and awe towards nature, her words actually.


  3. Thats lovely written…and the pictures are great..We were watching it aswell…want me to let you in on something…since I have been coming and peeking at your blog because of the contents which in fact are really interesting….I knew there would be something of it here…have a good night

  4. pg, I know what you mean, but to be honest, it was absolutely breathtaking!

    Tara, that was the storm. Don’t be too hard on M. He has the distinct disadvantage of being surrounded by a family that is way over the top when it comes to nature worship.

    Anonymous, thank you, and please stop by anytime. I always appreciate any comments I get so never feel shy.

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