Summer 2007
These dog days of summer are killing me. It’s so quiet and warm and peaceful. The city is alive and full of activity and things to do and the days seem to pass in dreamlike quickness, leaving me wondering where all the time has gone. I guess I’ve been replenishing, storing it up. That’s hard to explain to someone who thinks about deadlines or the standard 8 hours a day (which I try to regularly maintain), but sometimes you just can’t rush it or force it.

Sometimes you feel that making a single stroke with the brush would expend the same energy as lifting a mountain. I’ve been waiting for the power to flow back into my body, effortlessly coursing through my veins, enegizing me with the simplicity of the hidden universe. Instead, I find myself enervated by the merest thought of making a colour choice.

So, instead, I update the blog, I consider the best way to tackle the neglected paperwork and putter around, smoking a chewed up cigar and watch the sun set without feeling compelled to take a photo.

These dog days…I sense they’re over. Something wants to come out now, ready to be born. Maybe in the morning, maybe tonight, but one thing’s for sure: the vacation is over and not a day too soon.