7 Replies to “Still more…”

  1. It is said that 'the eyes are the window to the soul'…you have succinctly captured the soul of the raven. I love the way you've painted it's eye; when I stare at it, I find myself falling into the mystery…

  2. Fortunately I stumbled upon an interview with you on APTN last night and have to say that I was moved both by your work and your words. I was raised with Cree stories in Northern Manitoba, and have an affinity to the crow and the raven. My family are long line immigrants and I have never felt at home anywhere but in the north. Your work and kind heart brings me back. Thank you.

  3. I loved this piece from the moment I laid eyes on it. It is a piece that called to me. It wouldn't leave me alone. I have never had a work of art that addressed me. I am so honored to have it.

  4. Funky contrary me says: I prefer the condensed version that blogger forces this painting as posted here. Just beak, breast, moon, starfield.

    It doesn't have the 'narrative' of the full painting but it has powerful, visually overwhlelming 'eye grab'.

    Also (nosy ignorant technical suggestion): try using some of the textured 'metallic' technique, used on the moon, for some of the stars and streaming nebulae?

    Finally: the painting within a painting: imagine a frame –wooden, glass, steel, whatever; strictly symmetrical perimeter that keeps within its 'lines' or engages the painted content itself, extending or interacting the painting's themes — that is surrounded w/ the rest of the painting (crow's eye, crow-soul-as-woman-in-reverie.

    With patterns of meaning as strong as this and many other paintings of yours present, meaningful 'pattern interruption' might add depth, nuance, metaphor, alternate dimension?

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