Just to give you a quick update.

1. The Shifting Patterns show went really well. Lots of amazing press, fantastic feedback, and the artists were just pretty much adored. People seemed to understand the deeper themes and meanings, which was nice to see. What an honour to work with the artists and the staff at Profiles Gallery in St. Albert.

2. Summer seems to have finally arrived.

3. I got married to a smart, sexy, funny woman who adores me and who I adore. She is telling me at this exact moment that we need to start doing sit ups. Umm…what? It’s beginning people. It’s beginning. Next thing you know we’ll be picking out matching sweaters!

4, Weddings cost a lot! Buy some t-shirts (see the sidebar) or give yourself the gift of art, because wow, it would help! (For all you reading who feel pressured, embrace that pressure! heh heh heh) Or just send me your good, happy thoughts: something that is always gratefully accepted.

So, off we go to unexplored realms (by us, anyway). See you later, alligators.

First stop: Contemporary Art Exhibit in mysterious locale.

I’ll take pictures.