You say you want a Resolution, well you know, you’d better free your mind instead.

There’s this unappreciated vorpal blade we call kindness. It’s already there in all of us, even if it’s only a small, fragile glimmer. It can be the driving force to revolutionizing your life and ultimately, the world.

It costs nothing to be kind in every aspect of your existence, as long as you don’t count the loss of your angry, fearful pride as too dear a price.

To be kind means to be kin. To be family. Families burdened by pain become wrecking machines. Families freed by acceptance and love become healing places.

Many people scoff at healing, at the good red road, at salvation. They misconstrue it as flowery thinking instead of the brave shedding and casting off of millennia of spiritual chains. The hard work of burning away the bonds and baggage of human history.

They are in pain. They see division, battle, struggle and hypocrisy. They see injustice, betrayal, avarice and blood.

They are not wrong. All of that exists and more.

Here is a secret:

If our seventh generation is to live, you MUST see these things, too.

And we do.

The incredible power for change rests not in simply seeing these things and then getting angry, sad, depressed or bitter.

The incredible power rises in transforming these destructive realities into something else.

And it starts with kindness.

This is the most practical action there is. It’s not about flitting through the tulips pretending things are all wonderful. It’s about gaining a greater perspective.

It’s about rising above.

It’s about becoming a friend to all life, to seeing that it’s all connected. To aligning your soul with the soul of creation, rather than of destruction.

Destructive motives and actions won’t fix anything, will they?

Fighting against something never stops the cycle of fighting, does it? Not long term, anyway.

Kindness. Clear thought. Clean soul.

That’s the healing humanity needs.

You offer it. That’s all. You can never force it.

Plant a seed and let it grow. But be patient. That fragile seed won’t flower faster by tugging on the tender shoots.

We don’t have to re-solve anything.

We can re-new.

As we move into this arbitrary new year, let’s not try to move mountains.

Our actions, choices and intent ARE the mountain.

We need only move ourselves.

Be kind.

Hiy hiy


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