Vote for your Fave Book Cover!

5 Replies to “Vote for your Fave Book Cover!”

  1. My husband likes to cover with the title – I am drawn to the painting…Either one would catch my eye and I would pick it up and read a synopsis and probably then buy the book. They are both eye catching and I tried to visualize a merging of the 2; did not have any luck with that! Please let us know when the book will be available and thank you!

  2. hard to pick, so difficult! i’ll lean toward the one of the right as it shows off your stunning painting to greatest effect:)

  3. It’s hard to pick a cover when I haven’t read the story. However, the first picture evokes in me a sense of mystery, of the unknown. For this reason I find it enticing. But, both are great. Perhaps you could place one of them on the back cover.

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