Raven’s Valentines Day – a free children’s ebook

The PDF book is yours at no cost (link below), but if you feel like supporting or thanking, or any of those things, you can always donate whatever amount you like for the e-book. This will help us to continue giving the book for free to those who have little.

Or if you are totally broke, then this is our small gift to you.

The concept and much of the text was written by 7 year old, Quercus Watters. He and his father live on the raggedy edge of society as they try to build a new life and save for his education. Because of this, 50% of any proceeds will go straight to them and the other half will ensure we can keep offering this book for free for anyone else who could use it but also understands life with a limited income.

About the authors:

Quercus Devoto Watters is a homeless seven-year-old Vietnamese-American boy in Spokane, Washington. He is in the second grade and loves math, chemistry, reading and playing games. His favourite colour is red. He hopes to be an artist-astronaut when he grows up but is already the accomplished author of such unpublished books as ‘6 True Stories’ and ‘Freddy’s New Pet’. This is his first collaboration with illustrator Aaron Paquette.

Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist and author based in Edmonton, Alberta. He believes life is both terrible and beautiful because it can be two things. He works with youth, is in demand as a speaker, and his first YA Novel, Lightfinder, comes out in May 2014, published by Kegedonce Books. Raven’s Valentines day is his first collaboration with Quercus Devoto Watters.

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we hope you enjoy it!

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Raven’s Valentines Day – a free children’s book (click this link)


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  1. wado wado wado!!! this is SO beautiful :~) bravo to Quercus (Oak Tree??) and Aaron for creating something wonderful and sharing it so generously. return Valentine coming the minute I have something in my bank account :~)

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