#Lightfinder cover almost finalized. Plus a surprise…

I am super humbled to be able to share my new -and first!- book. (And offer you something cool at the bottom of this post)

The book is now available for pre-order:
Pre-Order Lightfinder by Aaron Paquette here…

This is a very special book. I wrote it over 3 years ago while Clarice was pregnant with Liam. Every night I had free I’d write a chapter while she slept beside me.

The goal was to write a Young Adult fantasy novel that featured Indigenous main characters, by an Indigenous writer, and get it published by an Indigenous press. And make it accessible to ALL readers.

Kegedonce Press with the amazing Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and remarkable Renee Abram made it happen.

And I want to thank Richard Wagamese for giving me the courage to take the manuscript out of the drawer, dust it off and send it out. He read it, told me it was good, coached me through the process and here we are today.

Of course, my dear mother planted the seed. I recall being a young tot, 3 or 4 years old, sitting with my four siblings in the darkened living room, candlelight burning away the shadows. She was a single mom then, and I can still see the way her pretty features melted into a hungry, wide-eyed, evil mask as she slouched and crouched across the floor, her voice rasping out in desperation, “Bagginssss! We hates it forever!”

That’s what we had instead of tv. Books read by candle light, mom acting out the parts.

I hope I’ve captured even a small portion of that magic in my little book.

So what’s it all about? Here you go:

Lightfinder is a Young Adult fantasy novel about Aisling, a young Cree woman who sets out into the wilderness with her Kokum (grandmother), Aunty and two young men she barely knows. They have to find and rescue her runaway younger brother, Eric. Along the way she learns that maybe the legends of her people are actually real and that she has a growing power of her own.The story follows the paths of Aisling and Eric, siblings unwittingly thrust into a millennia old struggle for the future of life on earth. It deals with growing up, love and loss, and the choices life puts in our path. Love and confusion are in store, as are loss and pain. Things are not always what they seem and danger surrounds them at every turn. Will Raven”s mysterious purposes prevail? With darkness closing in how will they find the light to guide them? Will Aisling find Eric in time?

Lightfinder by Aaron Paquette. Release date June 2014.


I’m going to announce this quietly now, but I’ll make a big deal out of it later:

Pre-order this book, send me a copy of your receipt through email (blank out your personal info) and I will add you to the list of people who will receive an awesome free gift.

You see, the book has illustrations! And I have big old files of those illustrations!

When you send me your pre-order receipt or confirmation email, you get 3 of those illustrations to download so you can print poster sized artwork (a couple might even be exclusive, as in, not even in the book!)

Email: printoffer at lightfindernovel.com

I will ALSO add you to a draw for a small original painting valued at about $500.

In fact, no purchase even necessary for that part. Just send me an email and you’re entered. (But really, do me a solid and buy the book, lol)

So, invite your friends, spread the love and go pre-order now you beautiful person!

Order 10, your book club will thank you. 😉

Pre-Order Lightfinder by Aaron Paquette here…

Hiy hiy


Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Aberta, his first YA Novel Lightfinder comes out in June 2014 through Kegedonce Press.

Pre-Order Lightfinder by Aaron Paquette here…

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