Don’t Let Them Stop You – Walk Your Path

When you are growing, or finding ways to renew, there will be obstacles. There is also hope.

Sometimes when you are trying to do good, trying to walk a good path, you will find it attracts people to what you are doing.

Especially if they feel they can profit from your spirit, reputation, or accomplishments and can turn your effort to their ends.

You see this all the time. The person who is getting clean and sober attracts people and situations who want to drag them back down.

Anyone who is trying to change their life knows that there are any number of people ready and willing to tell you who you WERE as if that’s who you always have to be.

If you are on a spiritual quest, people will try to extinguish your light, mock you, or test you.

Sometimes doing the right thing, following your path, means you have to leave certain places, people and situations.

Sometimes they will try to harm you for it.

A hurt friend or lover will spread rumours, burn your things, harm you physically. They’ll try to hurt you for growing.

An old employer might try to harm you financially, or spread lies to harm your career.

Family members might increase the drama, because change is kind of terrifying. They lack control in their own life and so they try to control yours.

And on and on.

There is no end to those who will try to harm you in this world. There is no end to the need to daily focus, pray and meditate on your path,

And sometimes you will be waylaid, or try to help another person’s Purpose and fall off your own path for a while. But life will show you the truth if you allow it to. Either you will get sick, or see something unethical, or a wiser person will take you aside and gently tell you to return to your own good journey.

And that’s the important thing to remember. As much as there are hypocrites and people who are hurt trying to hurt back, there are those who are watching you with joy and excitement.

There are those who help as they can and who are sending you encouragement whether it’s out loud or in their prayers.

And there is the Creator above all who made everything, and made no mistakes.

If you are kind, forgiving, loving and true, then you will be okay in your heart.

Obstacles will come. But only to make you stronger, smarter, and more capable.

Do not fear.

Do not worry.

Do not rage.

Be still. Let the past go and move forward. Consider today to be the day of your arrival. All that has gone before is a dream.

All that lies ahead is a vision.

This moment is where you choose the person you are NOW.

You can choose the experience of your life.

Let go of your tallying up of who wronged you, or even who did right by you. Let it add wisdom to you but don’t base your life on external things.

You’ll never be content if you do.

Instead, move forward from the internal, from what drives you to add value and a positive energy to the world.

That’s where healing and happiness are found.

You are ready to Live.

You are ready to Laugh.

And you are so ready to Love.

And people who are ready like you are the ones who shine – the ones who do amazing things and impact lives in constructive ways.

You will be misunderstood!

Who cares.

Just keep going.

Just keep giving.

Just keep on keeping on.

hiy hiy


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  1. Aaron, I have been following. respecting, inspired by and telling friends about your work, Congratulations on your new and first book! You are a blessing. i’m trying to discern if this order is an e-book, or hard-copy? i can’t do e-books, I much look forward to reading and sharing this treasure. Thank you!

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