Be gentle with everyone you meet, especially if you must disagree with them. Anger, judgement, labelling, self-righteousness…that’s how things get messed up in the first place.

Keeping it real doesn’t mean keeping it harsh. What’s real is the love the Creator planted in our hearts. What’s false is anything that harms or belittles your own spirit or the spirit of others.

The strongest people I’ve ever seen are the ones who are calm and giving in the face of anger and hate.

The wisest are those who offered love in return.

Some people don’t like these kinds of words, they see them as weak, or coming from someone who doesn’t understand. That’s okay. Think about them if you want, or don’t. The world will still spin. The sun will still rise, and the seasons will come and go.

Hiy hiy

(Painting: ‘A Fearless Heart’ by Aaron Paquette)


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Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Aberta, his first YA Novel Lightfinder comes out in June 2014 through Kegedonce Press.

Pre-order today until June 16th and receive $1200 worth of art in return. Plus be entered for a draw for a $500 painting (no purchase necessary). Details here:


From acclaimed artist Aaron Paquette comes a new novel that will enchant you, grab you and pull you into a world you thought you knew but have never truly seen…

Aisling is a young Cree woman who sets out into the wilderness with her Kokum (grandmother), Aunty and two young men she barely knows. They have to find and rescue her runaway younger brother, Eric. Along the way she learns that the legends of her people might be real and that she has a growing power of her own.

The story follows the paths of Aisling and Eric, siblings unwittingly thrust into a millennia old struggle for the future of life on earth. It deals with growing up, love and loss, and the choices life puts in our path. Love and confusion are in store, as are loss and pain. Things are not always what they seem and danger surrounds them at every turn.

Will Raven”s mysterious purposes prevail? With darkness closing in how will they find the light to guide them? Will Aisling find Eric in time?


“As a fan of Aaron Paquette’s dazzling artwork, I am in awe of the vision and craft behind The Lightfinder Saga. If you loved Stephen King’s The Stand and the worlds that Neil Gaiman can create, you will love these characters who are fighting for humanity’s survival. Bravo!”

–Richard Van Camp
author of The Lesser Blessed, Angel Wing Splash Pattern and Godless but Loyal to Heaven