If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, head down to the Works! It wraps up tomorrow, so time is running out quick! This is in Edmonton, Alberta, so it may not be feasible for you, but if you’re in town, definitely stop by.

I have two ‘works’ running.

The first is an installation in the basement of the Stanley Milner Library.

“Four Paths, Many Directions”

It’s the four paintings pictured in this post arranged in a tipi configuration.

There are eyes surrounding the structure.

Women’s Health and Safety (Stolen Sisters, Abuse, Barriers to Advancement, etc)

Stolen Children (Forced Adoption, Residential School)

Water and Resources (Access to the benefits of resources/effects of development and issues of access to clean water)

Treaties, Indian Act and Racial Tension (The effect of not honouring Treaties and the implementation of the Indian Act on Canadian and Indigenous society)

As you can see, the tipi symbolizes the reality in which many Indigenous Canadians live: confronted on all sides with these issues. However, there is hope. There are ways out. But when we leave, are we leaving the problems behind? Are we abandoning our responsibilities? Are we relieved or ashamed? Will we ever return to these troubles with ways to help?

I admit, I don’t have the answers for the viewer. They will have to come to terms with these challenges on their own. Or not, as the case may be.

With thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. You’ll notice these works are a little different from my normal style. It’s their generous support that allowed me to explore a more raw approach which I felt was needed for this project.


You’ll notice the Gates at Churchill Square.

I was asked by The Works to devise four phrases (one for each of the gates) that describe ‘Movement’ in some way. Thanks to Amber Rooke for the opportunities.

These are what I came up with:

Only so many heartbeats remain

There are over 7 billion names for God

The Rootless Nomads

It was Good while it Lasted

Each of which could become an entire conversation in itself.

The phrases were then illustrated by my good friend, artist and musician Nick “Smokey” Johnson.

I am curious, what meaning do you get from these phrases?


Stop by Audrey’s Books on 107th & Jasper Sunday June 29th at 2pm

I’ll be signing my debut YA fantasy novel, ‘Lightfinder’ published by Kegedonce Press, read a bit of it and there will be CUPCAKES