They All Lead Back Home

It’s okay to have opinions, to have frustrations, to be human. It’s even okay to express those things from time to time!

Too often you will find people so desperate to be on the Right Path that they will pretend they don’t have these feelings, or if they do that it is somehow a failing, or shameful in some way.

In fact, they may take time out to compassionately fill you in on the failings they have observed in YOU from THEIR vantage point.


And that’s okay, too.

What we’re talking about is how to live in this world in a spiritual AND practical way. Not everyone is ready to just jump out their doors and trust in the Universe that everything will work out.

It’s sometimes prudent to pack a lunch.

In other words, take care of your body, your physical needs, the needs of your family and community before focusing too much on your spiritual development. I think you might just find that treating yourself and others well is the first and most important lesson, anyway.

There are many routes to take, and we’re all following one whether we like it or not. So be patient with those around you. They may be struggling up a steep slope while you have been coasting on a fairly easy plateau.

So I guess I would just hope that you are feeling all right with yourself and others having some warts and bumps and rough edges. It all smooths with time, there’s no rush.

In fact, trying to rush or control things just makes the work longer and more difficult. Simply be, and see how that works for you.

But you know, if you see suffering, and you have a fish with which to smack the perpetrator, then by all means nourish them with a taste of mackerel. But gently, lol.

For all the beauty of the world, it’s still a predator planet.

We are wise to remember that.

It’s our job to be kind.

It’s also our job to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Non-violently whenever possible, and it’s almost always possible.

There’s a reason we have strong emotions and its not to excise them from ourselves. It’s so we can learn balance and self control, so we can teach our children how to survive as peaceably as possible in a world where they face many challenges and upsets.

It’s so that when we see a planet in peril, we feel it.

And we act.

We see our Mother Earth dying around us. We live with the strength of the Creator inside us.

We feel, we meditate, we pray.

And then, without judgement, anger or fear, we act.

Hiy hiy


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