John Richardson is an artist I admire. He has the heartbeat and pulse of the arts scene in Edmonton and his work is always thoughtful, clever, deeply intelligent and of course, beautiful. He has made art not only his profession, but his life. He is an incredible father.

He also knows how to write, and to my utter astonishment and gratitude, he has chosen to spend some of that on my little book, Lightfinder.

And so, an excerpt and a link:

“Lightfinder by artist Aaron Paquette is a stunning debut novel, an enthralling first instalment of what promises to be an exciting series of novels for young adults (and all sorts of other readers). Comparisons will inevitably be made (I’ll do it myself in a moment), but unlike authors of some of the popular novel series for young adults of the recent and not-so-recent past, Paquette has firmly rooted the adventure in our real world: no Ministry of Magic, no post-Apocalyptic Panem, and although there are magical journeys, they are not to some aborted Medievalist fantasy called Narnia or anything else. Lightfinder is an adventure in the landscape and geography – and political economy – of Canada – specifically Alberta – today.”

Behind The Hedge –
“Lightfinder” by Aaron Paquette: Comparisons Will Inevitably Be Made

Lightfinder Illo -Paquette