Read Lightfinder for your Bookclub & Get a FREE chat with the Author!

You know when you read a book and wish you could talk to the author, ask questions, get ANSWERS? Well, now you can.

From now until October 1st, 2014, if you register your book club (5 or more people) as reading Lightfinder then no matter where you are in the world, we can have a 20 minute Skype chat!

You and your club can ask me questions then and there, or send in a list beforehand.

We can talk, laugh, make awkward eye-contact…any of the options!

There are only 10 spots available!

Register today.


Simple. Just email with the subject line: BOOKCLUB

You must send something in that proves you will be reading the book so spots aren’t taken unfairly. This can come in the form of receipts, actual pictures of the books, etc.

We will schedule our chats to start Nov 1, 2014 (a nice, early Christmas gift).

See you soon!


Places to order Lightfinder online:

Amazon Canada

Amazon USA

Amazon UK



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