You are the reason for everything.

For you, the universe has come into being.

You are the result of every joy and every sorrow.

You are here because you are amazing.

This is true.

It’s true for you.

And for every person who ever existed.

It’s true for every animal, plant, stone and fire.

It’s true for the quick and the dead.

The purpose?

None if you have none.

All if you know you are All.

You are here to serve. To give.

Just as you have been given life, given breath, given happiness and pain.

You, too, must give.

And whatever energy, whatever feeling, whatever vibration you give, you speak, think, feel and act on…

That is what you will receive in return.

There will be those who take and take and take.

They are unhappy. Their heart is filled with the emptiness of their fear and hunger.

They are hurting.

They hurt back.

But don’t pour your life into that chasm, that pit of death.

Pour your life into Life. Into light. Into growth and healing.

Learn and share.

Forgive, love, and care.

That is the calling.


Bearclaw Gallery is pleased to present:

A Greater Purpose
A new show by Aaron Paquette
October 18, 2014
Artist in attendance from 1-4pm

Show runs for 10 days