Surprise Story – Indigenous Canadian Author’s Small Press Book Challenges Big Names & Publishers

Okay … what??

Four months since release, Lightfinder is STILL up there with these greats?? Martin, Rowling, Gaiman, Gabaldon …

I’m humbled beyond belief.

Thank you.

Seriously. I am so amazed that a book written by an Indigenous author, published by a small press, with literally zero dollars or cents for a budget has been able to break through the noise and marketing and “money for positioning” on bookshelves to remain in the top 100 for so long.

It’s hard to understand. Harder to believe.

What does it say?

All I know is, everyone who has picked up a copy so far, thank you.

Anyone who hasn’t yet but is going to…thank you, too.

As part of that thanks, remember that I’m giving away 3 free art prints (I should still do that, right?) with proof of purchase.

They’re super hi-res downloads and worth about $1200 or so.

Plus you’ll get entered into the small original painting draw at Christmastime.


Anyway, thanks a zillion trillion. You’re amazing.

And if you feel like getting a class set and donating it to a school or community, you are beyond amazing. You’re a hero.

If you’re a school getting it for the kids, you’ll be happy you did. It’s really readable.

To order:


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In the US:

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You’re going love this book.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever read before.

What starts out quietly, ends in a place you wouldn’t believe.

And it’s only the start.

What if you could see the living world in a way you never expected?
What if you could see the part you play?
What if there were dangers deeper than you ever feared?

What if there was a better way?

Aisling, a young Cree woman, is faced with all these questions and more in a moving story of adventure, danger, love and loss. Will she find her brother in time, or will it all be too late?

The journey begins.

And it ends in war.

Written and Illustrated by Aaron Paquette


People are Raving about Lightfinder:

“As a fan of Aaron Paquette’s dazzling artwork, I am in awe of the vision and craft behind The Lightfinder Saga. If you loved Stephen King’s The Stand and the worlds that Neil Gaiman can create, you will love these characters who are fighting for humanity’s survival. Bravo!”

–Richard Van Camp
author of The Lesser Blessed, Angel Wing Splash Pattern and Godless but Loyal to Heaven

“With an artist’s eye and a storyteller’s soaring imagination, Aaron Paquette has written a page-turner. I found myself rooting hard for Aisling, Eric and their beloved Kokum. This book is a hugely engaging cautionary tale: the stakes are high if we keep giving in to our appetites. But there is great light in Lightfinder. Congratulations, Aaron, on this strong debut.”

-Shelagh Rogers O.C., Host, co-creator “”The Next Chapter”” CBC Radio One



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