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How well do you know your own world?

Do you walk? Do you sense? Do you watch the small life? Do your feet ever touch the ground, skin to soil?

We are the children of this earth and we forget that basic truth due to lives dictated by concrete and steel, glass and screens.

Our lives, our knowledge of our hearts, the lessons of the hoop, are forgotten in the grid, the segmentation, the great separation of connection our societies have drifted toward.

Even our beliefs, our understanding of how to live a good life become weighed down in needless complexity, rules, and judgements.

But really, it’s all so simple.


Understand that life springs from Mother Earth and all mothers.

Our cycle hasn’t got 12 months, but 13 moons.

Walk the Good Red Road

Allow ceremony to ground you, to cleanse you, remind you to be present, to connect your spirit, body, mind and feeling.

Honour those who came before for their sacrifice and prayers, their effort to preserve these teachings. They dance in the Aurora, watching us, loving us, reminding us of seven generations passed, seven generations to come. They remind us that we are a moment in the journey.

All barriers are in the end simply illusions. All fences mere guide posts to help us remember that.

Open your wings and soar.

Ooen your lungs and breathe.

Open your heart and feel the pulse of all life.

Open your eyes and see.

Open your arms and embrace the moment, no matter what it is. Pain, joy, excitement, wonder…there is a teaching.

Educate yourself. Share your knowledge with others.

Be humble, humble, humble.

What you know, others have known, what you don’t know, others have seen. You are part of the whole.

Your voice is unique, as is every voice. Sing together. Dance together. Mourn together. Laugh together.

Don’t fear the passing of time. Instead anticipate the gifts the new seasons bring.



Be kind.

Hiy hiy


Aaron Paquette is a First Nations, Metis creator from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He has an art show on right now at the Bearclaw Gallery. Go see it!


He has a book out called Lightfinder and people like it. Go read it!

He has a FB page. Go like it!

And he worked with the amazing artist and thinker Shane Golby of the Art Gallery of Alberta to curate a new Travelling Exhibit for the people of Alberta called Wayfinders. It features the incredible George Littlechild, the inscrutable Paul Smith, and the delightful Amy Malbeuf. Watch for it!


About this work:

It’s huge. Seriously. 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide. It’s got a fortune in paint on it! 🙂

It incorporates, encapsulates and shares various spiritual and sacred teachings.

It’s on display at the Bearclaw Gallery until Tuesday, October 28th. It’s kind of a must see.

Acrylic, mixed media, and gold leaf.
3 panels


sacred teachings paquette

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