A Great Way To Stay Young

Want to live longer, happier and healthier? Me neither.

I joke!

Of all the great things we can do: exercise, eat healthier, etc, there is one method that I particularly like. Creation.

Whether it’s painting, making music, writing, doodling, once you get into it and lose yourself In the flow your brain functions are actually similar to Buddhist monks in meditation. Well, anyone meditating, really, but hey, I’m appealing to authority here.

But it’s true! When you create you enter a state of meditation, and getting into that groove actually cleanses your mind and body of toxins. You breathe better. And in that background mental stillness your thoughts align.

Why is that important? Because a healthy mind is a stress free, relaxed mind. Your body chemistry is humming along and voila!

Decelerated aging. You’ve just slowed down the aging process.So get out, get up, dance, sing, laugh, paint, write, whatever it is you’re in the mood for.

It’s a great life and you get to create it.

Here’s my quote for today:

If you stand there waiting for your ship to come in, you’ll always be wondering what’s on the farther shore. Just jump in and swim. -Aaron Paquette


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