War Paint – New Works by Aaron Paquette

War Paint

An exhibition of new works by
Aaron Paquette
Opening Reception on Saturday, October 1, 2011
with the artist in attendance
from 2pm – 4pm
Exhibition continues to October 13

How long have we been at war? How long have we been trying to build these bridges between us? Between cultures, economies, sorrows? How long have we painted masks on our faces, bright colours belying dangerous times?Too, too long.Come stand with me. I live where the war is over. I have painted it. I have painted it so we can see the future. I have painted the beautiful places where we can live instead of dying on the terrible fields of where we have been. Come lay down your burdens and stay awhile, here where you don’t have to be anyone but your self.Take off your masks. It’s safe here, and you are loved. My War Paint is off.

Thunderbird Woman
36″ x 48″
Mixed Media on Canvas

We hear the Thunderbird in the spring time, calling to us from across the plains, telling us it’s time to begin anew. Things we’ve set aside or neglected, relationships gone stale with hurt silence, or dropping the ball in caring for ourselves or for our community. The things that make us human and give us the chance to become great, these are the things Thunderbird calls out to remind us of. “Rise up! Stand! Speak and do! The time for sleeping is over!” This past spring and summer the nights were filled the call – insistent, refusing to be ignored. Put away the keyboards and screens, resist the call of apathy and strike that lightning inside of ourselves, let the spark of action fill us. Though it always burns right at first it soon becomes a cherished flame. One day we will wake up and it will be our last day on earth. Before then, let’s heed the reminder and live larger than we dreamed before. Let’s listen to the Thunderbird Woman.

Come out to meet award nominated First Nations Metis Artist – Aaron Paquette
Bearclaw Gallery is located at:
10403 – 124st
Edmonton, AB


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