October 1st 2011 – War Paint – Aaron Paquette

Here’s another image from my upcoming show, War Paint, at the Bearclaw Gallery in Edmonton on October 1. If you’re not in town, the Bearclaw Gallery will post images this week on their site.

Come out to the show if you can. Better yet, fall in love with one of these pieces and take it home! On the practical side, established art is one of the surest investments out there financially speaking. On the spiritual side, art renews and re creates you, opening your mind or giving you a space to let your thoughts wander through unexplored vistas, expanding your peace and your presence. Art is a portal to your own budding creativity.

About this painting:

Secret of the Wolf Dance

Mixed Media on Canvas
20” x 30″

If you go walking the shores of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Canada, you may just come across some wolves. They are not entirely dangerous to humans and will hide rather than confront. But if you are lucky, you will see them before they see or smell you. They may be a distance away but if you look closely you will see them playing. They leap, roll and pounce at each other. It looks like a dance! But if you venture nearer they will melt away into the forest, into their mysterious realms to continue the secret of the wolf dance.

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