War Paint – October 1 2011 – Aaron Paquette

Breath of Life by Aaron Paquette
Breath of Life

Mixed Media on Canvas



If you look closely in the background of this piece you will see various plants and animals carved into the cave wall. I was thinking about the process of creation, of how we think something into reality, be it a painting, an experience, a song, or our lives.

I thought of the Shaman; of the Medicine Woman; the Visionary. I had a dream once of a world where the wise ones had to paint the seasons or they wouldn’t come. They would watch the stars, listen to the wind, observe the animals and when the time was right they would sing, dance and paint and the world would turn as it should.

I felt the same thing could be applied to the creation of the planet. Don’t doubt this truth: we create it fresh every day. Every moment we feel it, we think it into the reality that surrounds us. There once was a different dream, a simpler dream, and we all shared it. And it was about sharing. It was about giving thanks to each other and to Mother Earth, Father Sky, our brothers and sisters: the animals.

What dream do we want to dream now? What do we want the world to be for ourselves and for those who come after? What can we be excited about?

What can we be proud of? What will bring us peace? These are the issues that should occupy our days and to which our energies should be bent.

What will we breathe our dreams into?


To what will we give the Breath of Life?



War Paint

An exhibition of new works by
Aaron Paquette
Opening Reception on Saturday, October 1, 2011
with the artist in attendance
from 2pm – 4pm
Exhibition continues to October 13

How long have we been at war? How long have we been trying to build these bridges between us? Between cultures, economies, sorrows? How long have we painted masks on our faces, bright colours belying dangerous times?Too, too long.Come stand with me. I live where the war is over. I have painted it. I have painted it so we can see the future. I have painted the beautiful places where we can live instead of dying on the terrible fields of where we have been. Come lay down your burdens and stay awhile, here where you don’t have to be anyone but your self.Take off your masks. It’s safe here, and you are loved. My War Paint is off.

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