I made this thinking about Indigenous women and the burden they bear in being seen less as women and more as objects.

I realized that it spoke to so many things, even beyond the indigenous experience.

I realized that it spoke to every one of us as we try to navigate our way between being commodities or customers in this commerce machine where seemingly everything has a price, and the deep and real yearning to find balance.

The desire to be SEEN and appreciated – valued, loved.

All these problems and issues we face in this modern world come down to that. Can we see each other?
We are bombarded with messages of fear, of not being enough, of not having enough.

But we are enough.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ve had enough.

Hiy hiy

“We are not your logo, your merchandise, your stereotype, your racism, your assumption, your colonization, your fear, your punchline, your condemnation, your salvation. We are not your property. We are people, partners, allies of life. And we are still here.”