We Are More Than We Have Shown…


Creation is an act of choice.

Choice is an act of will.

Will is an act of reason.

Reason is an act of thought.

Thought is an act of awareness.

Awareness is an act of spirit.

Spirit is an act of Creation.


I think about creativity ALL THE TIME.

I think about how it is almost non-existent in many power structures, especially government. When the government wants you to do something, more often than not you will find them appealing to your fear, your hate, your selfishness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they appealed to your courage, your love and your selflessness, your sense of community?

But that requires the ability to trust, and trust is an extension of being practiced in creativity. And when you’re operating from a creative place you don’t always know how something is going to turn out, but you have faith, you have experience, and you have the ability to help guide and flow with the unexpected.

And when you do that, incredible, previously unimagined solutions emerge.

Everyone has the potential for great creativity but sadly we are taught the prevailing mindset that it’s unimportant to ‘reality’.

And so we ignore our intuitions, our Sparks of imagination, and our ennobling inspirations.

Well, you can change that.

And in changing that you change your thought in that moment. Those moments become your day, your days become your life.

Believe you are creative. Pursue it. Find out what it means. You will discover that creativity isn’t just reserved for artists or children, but it’s our birthright and is the most practical discipline you could ever master. Your creativity is the essence of a passionate, purposeful life.

If you change your life, we are all one step closer to changing the world.

It starts with that little firing of a neuron, and another and another.

We are more than we have shown, and even more than we have allowed ourselves to dream.

We are not going to go down in history as the destroyers of the world, but as the generation that stood up and began the incredible transformation.

The start of a better tomorrow for all our generations.

Believe that.

And start creating it.

We rise together.

Hiy hiy


Words & Art: Aaron Paquette


2 Replies to “We Are More Than We Have Shown…”

  1. Aaron… your work, your heart, your vision, and your love are phenomenally beautiful gifts to this world. Sending abundant love and gratitude back across the miles to you…Molly

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