New Poster – By Popular Demand

Here it is!

You can order this for yourself, a friend, your office, school, whatever you want!

small: 14″ x 7″
medium: 24″ x 12″
large: 36″ x 18″

Shipping is based on Canada Post’s average prices for North America. International orders my be a little more after your order is placed.


Compassionate Print


Compassion Warrior Aaron Paquette





















Compassionate Print




4 Replies to “New Poster – By Popular Demand”

  1. That is an awsome picture. It reminds me of Domestic Violence. Picture looks like a woman. if not,forgive. We educate the woman, talk about old ways. And hopefully, get them on the right path. Would like one in the office. How much?

    1. Thank you.

      Yes they are available. The order button is above with 4 options:

      1. Signed small – 24.95
      2. Signed medium – 49.95
      3. Signed large – 74.95

      Just choose which one you want, hit the buy button, and fill out your shipping info with PayPal.

      Hai hai

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