This goes out to All My Relations. That means First Nations, Metis, Inuit, the 1/16ths, All Other People, The Animals, The Plants and all things.


Before it all fell apart:


  • The North American economy used to move billions of dollars worth of trade goods annually (adj.) across the continent, openly, fairly and efficiently.
  • Region wide farming and livestock management actually encouraged diversity and led to a healthier ecosystem.
  • There were no poor and you had a role and a voice in society no matter who you loved.
  • Men and women shared power and each had a part to play, each relying on the other.
  • Education was mandatory, free and fun. It was also intrinsically tied to culture and respect for one another.
  • Age was valued and honored and the older you got the more people listened to what you had to say.
  • There were a few downsides, but hey, this is my blog.


Who was responsible for this amazing collection of interrelated societies?


Your ancestors, my beautiful, brown and red brothers and sisters. Your ancestors lived in a world of their own making and for the most part it was a paradise. Colonists marveled at your forebears’ health, stature, attractiveness and perfect physiques. They were amazed at the complexity and simplicity of indigenous governance.


What brought your ancestors down was disease and lies. Lies and sickness. The ravenous sickness of greed.


It’s time to heal these ancient wounds.


It’s time to take back the economy. Remember who you are: not the conquered, but the survivors! The government wants to integrate the survivors, but I say integrate the government into us.


Integrate the economy into our own.


Integrate education into our ancient systems and 10,000 year old pedagogies.


Integrate the people of Canada into our society, our truth, our love and deep respect of the land.


Youth, don’t try to be what you see on tv. Make what they show on tv be your own amazing talents.


Stop waiting for the Government of Canada to do the right thing. Seriously, are centuries not enough time to wait? Do we need to wait even one year more?


Knowledge is power.


They tried to obliterate our knowledge. They raped our children. They beat them. They humiliated them. They cut their hair and told them their families were devil worshippers all while molesting them and putting some of them into the ground.


Bear no anger. The greedy are so scared and lost. Like frightened children with guns. They are dangerous and driven by fear.


Integrate that world into our own. Extend the hoop. Soothe and care for them, teach them, love them.


Stand up. Stop waiting. Become mighty you Nations and Rise.


Or they will always keep you down by your own silent consent.


Stand up and sing. Sing the songs of our ancestors and call on them, they are waiting for you to rise. They are waiting to join you, teach you, stand with you in spirit and lend you their loving strength.


Stand up and look around you with clear eyes. See your children, see your neighbours, see what fear and greed are doing to Mother Earth.


Stand up and rise.


And rise again!


The world needs you and you have more strength than you can imagine. Integrate this Canada. It has always been our home and Native Land. And everyone is welcome. Bring them in, bring them in.


And walk with your heads high. Walk as men and women with purpose. Become great in every way: spiritually, intellectually, financially, legally, physically. Become great in every thought and action. Become great not because you can, become great because you should.  Your children need you to be great, your relations need you to be great, the world needs you to be astounding.


Don’t let anyone ever ever drag you down, and they will try. Stand taller, speak clearer, see farther.


Start today. Begin in your heart. Make promises knowing you will stumble but also knowing you will get up off your knees again and again and again. You will stand as many times as it takes and each time you will be stronger.


Help yourself, Help your family, help your community. Create, learn, teach, be taught. Make your body strong, your heart strong, your spirit strong. Strength is the ability to move with the wind, to flow with the water, to stand with the mountain and glow with the fire.


Be the light for a world in darkness.


I tell you: Rise!




Stand and rise.


And we will heal this land together.