Thinking of water…

The world is changing rapidly. Everyone knows this but few are taking active steps to prepare for it.

When I say that – you’re likely thinking survival stuff.

That’s our default. Food storage, guns, plan of escape, etc. That’s our apocalyptic fantasies running wild, lol.

What I mean by preparation has nothing to do with physical stuff. The physical breaks down, is used up, lost, or stolen. I’m talking about the preparation of your mind and spirit.

If you can cultivate thankfulness in yourself, generosity, and an ability to become calm faster than the people around you, then you can survive anything with peace and confidence.

As the pace of the world increases, the pace of your breath slows. As chaos erupts, the tree of protection that surrounds you grows stronger and more still. As people withdraw and take, you will expand and give.

While others grow more self obsessed, your vision will be like the eagle, far seeing and sharp.

There will come a day when the world is so unravelled by greed and fear that true warriors will be needed.

The elders tell us of a time when the people fought against each other. There were no laws. Revenge and anger, jealousy and greed were all the people knew.

Then a messenger came and taught us how to live. Every nation has a similar story and while the messenger may change from nation to nation the message remains the same.

Love your self. Love your family, love your community and love all things. Live by respect, peace, and gentle justice.

Honour your elders and cherish your children.

Think of those yet unborn and make a place for them to live and enjoy the abundance that your forefathers gave to you.

Treat this world as your mother and all living things as your family.

Grow strong in spirit by growing more kind every day.

There is emptiness in people and they try to find satisfaction in status, control of others, material goods. Always looking outward at the physical world, trying to shape it into a place where danger is removed and they no longer have to fear loneliness.

It’s all of our fault, but we didn’t know it.

If we give love and kindness to our children and teach them to do the same, we heal all the hearts in the world. If we gather in our communities and share laughter and food and wisdom, we heal the isolation of of our hearts.

Fear of isolation, of not being loved or needed or understood is our fear. We think something outside of ourselves will fix that. It won’t. What the world can teach us is that the answers aren’t there. This is powerful truth!

It makes us turn inward, it makes us Quiet for once.

In that stillness we begin to see that all we ever needed to do was recognize our own glory. We needed to marvel at our soft glow. We needed to feel our hearts slowly infuse with joy at the dawning realization that we are amazing!

We are everything and nothing and our lives are what we make it.

The physical world is how we learn our lessons. The spiritual world is what those lessons are for.

So as the world changes, learn that the light you carry is unchangeable.

Your job isn’t to grow that light, it’s already greater than you can imagine.

Your only job is to learn how to reveal that light inside you.

First to yourself, then to the world.

And that’s how you prepare.

Hiy hiy.