Be Part of Something Very Cool! Only You Can Make It Happen…


Can we weave a garment with our many small, individual threads? This is a preorder for my new book.


Here’s the synopsis:

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The world is changing.

You can feel it. Everyone can.

People are looking for something, seeking something that is right at the edge of their grasp.

What if I told you I could help you find it? That I could help you find your own unique path to reach that amazing thing you know is out there, just waiting for you?

What if I told you it was already with you, you just needed a new way to see?


Creativity is the key.

By tapping into your own personal power to change, adapt and grow, you will find that path. You are a creative being, you are an artist just waiting to awaken. I can share with you how it happened for me, how it happens for others, and how it can happen for you.

But you have to take the first steps.


You don’t have to be perfect.

I am an imperfect person. I have suffered with depression, with bad decisions, with abuse. I used to let those problems define me.

Until I realized they refine me.


The first step is to make a choice.

No one can force you to be happy, no one can force you to have a better life. Everyone has to make the choice for themselves. But once you make that choice…anything can and does happen!

You have been created. That makes you a creator.

What life are you creating right now?


This book will contain everything I know about creativity, living, losing, and loving.

You are amazing. You just have to believe it and act on it.

Once you do, nothing can stand in your way.

You will flow like water, float with the wind, stay steady as the stone and burn with an inner fire that will warm you and fill you with life and purpose.

I am drawing from the ancient wisdom of my ancestors, the lessons of life, my own failures and successes, my imperfections and the times I got it right.

I am drawing from my indigenous heritage and my quiet contemplations as an artist.

My prayer is that I share the best of what I have with you.

My prayer is that I show you how absolutely awesome you are.

My prayer is that together, we change the world.


Generations from now are counting on us. The best way we can serve them is to live amazing lives full of creativity, passion and purpose.


Share this project now.

Fuel this project now.

I will start writing now.


Right now.


Hiy hiy.




So I’m writing a book.

In these long days at the hospital Clarice and I got to talking.

I’m going to tell her story in the book, some of my life story, and detail how some of the things we live by really came through for us in a time of great tragedy and stress.

At a time when it would have been so easy to see only the bad in what happened, these ideas instead helped us to see not only the good in it, but the hand of Creation in all things.

And I want to share those things with you.

Other people would call them Secrets.

We call them a Good Road.

Some people would hide these truths for use within their inner circle.

We instead invite you into the hoop. The great wide hoop of life of which we are all part.

I am also a goldsmith, and I have forged gold in the unimaginable heat of the crucible, purified it, made it stronger.

These past few weeks have been my crucible. I have not always been a perfect man and will never be. But there are choices I can make to stay true to myself, to my loved ones and to my community. This incident provided me with that choice more clearly than at any other time in my life.

And we all have our moments. We all have our choices.

Are you prepared for when your moment comes?
This is a way of thinking, living and loving that can change the world, change the way we interact with each other, and especially change the way we feel about ourselves.

I hope you will allow me to share it with you.

To write it will take time, but not much time. I already know what needs to be written, it’s just having the space to write it all down. A few months at most.

I will be writing at my wife’s bed side at the hospital and at home at night while everyone is sleeping.


I will give you my best.


Thank you for fueling this project now.

Thank you for sharing this project now.


cree + metis





If you don’t know this story:


“On Wednesday May 30, 9:10pm a body was shattered.

The body was that of my dear wife. She was just finishing up an evening jog with a friend when she was struck by two vehicles. The first hit her and the second ran over her, pinning her body beneath one of the tires.”

-Aaron Paquette, Facebook post for family, friends and colleagues that went viral, shared over 70,000 times and eventually reached over 30 million people…and counting

It called for us all to slow down and pay attention while on the road, and in life.




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  1. I have been following Clarice’s story and waiting and praying for each posting to say that she is healing and recovering well . Aaron …. I am eagerly waiting for you to write this book as I am sure your beautiful words and outlook on life will be of great benefit to my future and also my childrens when I pass it on . As I live in Australia will it be available for me to purchase from here ??? All my prayers and the richest of blessings to you , Clarice and your beautiful boys . From Sharyn Foster . xxxoooxxx

  2. Aaron, I write for a local free paper in Golden, BC, and I would love to share your story. Clarisse has been an inspiration for a few of us friends here, her recovery, her journey, her love for you and your young son, it’s amazing to us, and I think it’s worth re-telling. So anything you would like us to contribute, will be offered without a second thought. I would like to add this to my contribution to our paper, it that is alright with you. I won’t have anything published without your permission. Thank you in advance. Hit me up on facebook…. Maggie Taplin.

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