7 Replies to “Gift Ideas (Art!)”

  1. Aaron,
    I have had a few visitors come in to our gift shop and have told me about your work. Do you offer any wholesale purchasing options within Canada?
    Thank you. – Jennifer

  2. Your work and sharing with Idle No More led me to your site. Both your art and the thoughts you write with them (the ones I’ve visited) are wonderful, enriching. I wish you much success.

  3. Aaron – You are a gift. A gift to all of us who are inspired by your works, your videos and your words. Is there a way to get email notifications of showings in my city (Toronto)? I’d hate it if you had a showing here and I missed the chance to meet you and see your striking paintings up close and personal. My email is lisaelyea@hotmail.com – there’s probably another one listed in my profile – which is also active.

    Thank you so much.

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