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Aaron Paquette is one of Canadaʼs best-known First Nations Metis personalities. He is a bestselling, award-winning author, an artist, and a highly in demand Keynote Speaker and Facilitator. He is also a politician elected to Edmonton City Council in 2017, an illustrator, goldsmith and cathedral stained glass artist.

Active in his community, Aaron sits on various civic, provincial and national Boards and Advisory Councils.

He is also fortunate to be alive.

It was on a cold August night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that Aaron found himself on the guardrails of the High Level Bridge. A moment of crisis.

Over the intervening years, through ups and downs and many mistakes and learning opportunities, Aaron has found a way to voice his message. We all suffer, but none of us are alone. There is a strength within us and around us that we can constantly draw on, not only to get us through tough times, but to propel us into the life we always wanted.

Aaron’s public art and mural work is colourful, flowing and accessible, perfect for any community.

In great demand, Aaron is an engaging, exciting and inspiring speaker and gives generously of his spirit in laughter, joy and learning.

He has shared the stage with former and current politicians such as Phil Fontaine, Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, Dr. Marie Wilson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, former Auditor General of Canada Sheilah Fraser, Right Honorable Paul Martin, etc.

Aaron has welcomed to his own stage such great creators as award winning authors Richard Wagamese, Richard Van Camp, David Bouchard and the award winning musical trio ASANI.

In early 2013 he coined the term #Ottawapiskat which helped disrupt the way we look at the relationship between Indigenous Reservations and the Canadian Government in a constructive and humorous way. It was a stark and paradigm shifting marriage of the words Ottawa (Canada’s capital city) and Attawapiskat, a northern community under the grip of extreme poverty and suffering. People immediately saw the potential and began creating their own highly charged, incisive, or just plain funny tweets around the new word. Making space for other’s creativity and inventiveness is something that inspires Aaron’s work and efforts.

His bestselling, award winning novel Lightfinder is taught across Canada in schools, colleges and universities.

He was a candidate for Member of Parliament for the riding of Edmonton-Manning in 2015


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Aaron is also an experienced facilitator, trainer and engaging public speaker. He has worked with the Royal Conservatory’s adjunct program -Learning Through the Arts- as both a Mentor Artist and as the First Nations Representative and Consultant in Alberta. This experience focused on providing the skills and background knowledge for infusing differentiated learning within the general curriculum in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Aaron has collaborated with Ministries, Teachers’ Associations, and various community members and teachers, providing region wide teacher workshops and in- school experiences related to the art curriculum that also provide an FNMI perspective. Through this collaboration, he also provides student workshops, professional development sessions and artist-in- residence programs.

A skilled communicator, Aaron has worked with Alberta Education in Professional Development, Reconciliation, Literacy, Overcoming Obstacles, Residential School & Forced Adoptions, Creativity, etc.

He has worked for years with the Edmonton Public School Board with both in-class sessions and special sessions for promising young artists. The Catholic School Boards in the Central and Northern Alberta region have also enlisted Aaron in many projects ranging from elementary school visits that tie art into curricular learning to mural painting with High School students.

Aaron also has regular art shows in Galleries across Canada, takes on public art commissions, works as a guest curator for The Art Gallery of Alberta, St. Albert’s public Gallery: Profiles, and the McMullen Gallery at the University of Alberta Hospital. He has had a traveling exhibit with the Art Gallery of Alberta called Halfbreed Mythology. And his new curated show, Wayfinders, continues to tour Alberta.

Aaron has artwork in the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, The Royal Alberta Museum, The Starthcona County Heritage Museum, and has public art at the Grandin (Government Station) Reconcilaition Mural, along the south LRT line, and in various schools and locations across Western Canada.

His Burt Award winning novel Lightfinder, continues to be a bestselling YA Book. It is taught in schools, colleges and Universities across North America.

He was the co-founder and CEO of the Cree8 Success Education Conference.

Aaron has built a strong and thriving business with his, art, speaking, writing, training, teaching and conflict resolution.

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  1. Your story is really inspiring and beautiful!
    Your work really inspires me a lot 🙂
    I hope one day to meet you, right now I’m doing a project on you in Aboriginal Studies in grade twelve at General Amherst High School.
    I am a young metis artist hoping to go far with my art, hopefully as far as you 🙂

  2. I am just now finding out anything about you or who you are. It’s eerie after reading the little I have about you the similarities in our lives. From sadness can come an awakening to the beauty that life has to offer if we can only open up our hearts and spirits to the light of a new day filled with all the opportunities that await us. Strength does come from within, but only if we’re able to heal the brokenness we feel sometimes. I look forward to learning more about you, and reading your insightful books. My great-grandmother’s name was Elmeretta Paquette and we have reason to believe we are of the same family! Best Regards …

  3. Hey aaron – now that I know who you really are! WOW! You are an incredibly gifted person. May you walk in continued abundance, blessing and greater opportunities to speak truth and healing in our communities.

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