“A Day of Giving” and bonus: “Raven’s Valentines Day”

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Day of Giving-by-Aaron Paquette

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Here’s the download link for, “Raven’s Valentines Day”.

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Raven’s Valentine’s Day

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18 Replies to ““A Day of Giving” and bonus: “Raven’s Valentines Day””

  1. Lovely story about generosity and giving. Wonderful, engaging illustrations. I was slightly confused by the text on page 13, momentarily thinking that I’d missed a page because I started reading at the top. Nonetheless, I would happily share this story with a young child.

  2. The illustrations are very good and evocative and I like the friendly animal characters. I agree about the previous comment re: page 13. I think you may need a page or two there to connect us to A: receiving the map (a scene at the door where it is presented to Raven) and then B: perhaps a page showing Raven’s journey (using the map) to the dinner party.

      1. And a small explanation: the format is intended for a possible book, so each spread is actually two pages on one image (dies that make sense). But I will see if any solutions I’m happy with come to mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thanks again!

  3. Agree with Dave and Ann and their comments the. Just getting into Raven’s surprise, when bam it was over. Wanted to read more. Great illustrations Aaron, great message about giving. Can’t wait to see if you’ll do more with the story. Thanks!

      1. I, too, thought it ended too soon.. Agreed with the others who commented about page 13 being slightly confusing. LOVE the illustrations, the animals and the topic of giving. Thanks, Aaron!

  4. My granddaughter’s name is Raven, she will love it. I am already a fan of your talent/art, so this will be a good introduction for younger family. I will also tell them the Ojibwe words for the animals..:) Miigwetch

  5. well done! nice story and exceptional art work, thank you for providing it so it can be shared to all…wonderful children’s story

  6. Love it! Yes – extra page(s)… and then use the extras to include a little bio of each of you and how this beautiful story came together. I didn’t buy myself or anyone else anything for a Valentine’s treat, so I’ll happily donate now and share/post/celebrate on Facebook.

    I’m also blessed to teach an Aboriginal BEST (Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training Course) in 10 communities across BC each year, so I’ll share this story as a ‘crowdfunding’ example now! I’m a huge fan – and would love to connect with you next time I’m back in Edmonton area.
    Thank you! Merci Kristin

  7. I didn’t find page 13 confusing. I thought the whole book was lovely. Such gentle and caring lessons about giving and receiving, and what can make us happy. Will post a cheque to you, thank you for doing this – it’s really beautiful.

  8. I too will look forward to the updated version that clarifies the decision of the animals to choose a map and then how it fits in. Both of the stories will be used in at least one Ontario school because I will use it in my class. I hope that you don’t mind if I send it on to some teachers at inner-city and a First Nations school. It is a challenge to find kid-friendly (primary level: Grades K-3) books of this nature. Please keep writing!

  9. agree with all the comments above – really enjoyed reading about Raven and her friends, agreed with comments about the need for an extra page and also how there could be clearly many more stories about Raven and her friends – a wonderful universal story accessible to the whole world!

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