LISTEN and be a part of something cool…oh, and this headline will melt your brain for click bait…

I am really excited to share this cool Kickstarter campaign with you! My friend Rick Harp and the great Wabisheg Rice are trying to raise enough money to record an audiobook. A lot of people ask me how they can help create a better society where Indigenous people belong. Well, it's small steps like this [...]

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Sacred Teachings

feel free to share... How well do you know your own world? Do you walk? Do you sense? Do you watch the small life? Do your feet ever touch the ground, skin to soil? We are the children of this earth and we forget that basic truth due to lives dictated by concrete and steel, [...]

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Surprise Story – Indigenous Canadian Author’s Small Press Book Challenges Big Names & Publishers

Okay ... what?? Four months since release, Lightfinder is STILL up there with these greats?? Martin, Rowling, Gaiman, Gabaldon ... I'm humbled beyond belief. Thank you. Seriously. I am so amazed that a book written by an Indigenous author, published by a small press, with literally zero dollars or cents for a budget has been [...]

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