Well, #Ottawapiskat took off, didn’t it?


Here are the links to some of my art prints:

For signed work: Aaron Paquette – Signed Prints

For a large selection (unsigned): Aaron Paquette – Prints, Canvas, Cards, etc



Cree8 Success Education Conference Nov 15 & 16 2012 THANK YOU ATTENDEES! IN YOUR OWN WORDS: “This is the best Conference I have been to in my entire life”

The Conference is right around the corner! if you haven’t Registered yet, you should do so right away. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work Intimately with some of Canada’s most accomplished FNMI artists. Check the webpage for more info: Cree8 Success Website YouTube – Aaron Paquette Cree8 Success Inc was founded by Aaron Paquette to promote essential creativity in Education, Personal Life and Enterprise.

An Unbroken Spirit – Presented by the Bearclaw Gallery – November 17 2012 THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CAME OUT! It was a great day to visit.

Aaron Paquette“An Unbroken Spirit” paintings by Aaron Paquette

Opening: November 17 2012 – Artist in attendance from 2 to 4pm
Bearclaw Gallery 10403-124 Street Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story about yourself and your Dad and the healing process that happened within you. You are a really great person and have a lot to offer. I enjoy reading your website. Rene Betts

    Good luck with your Cree8 success conference. You are already giving back…..

  2. I just hung your print of Returning Home in the lobby of St. Stephen’s College on the U of A campus. You offered it in thanks for prayers on Facebook. I have shared your story and your wife’s story with our faculty and community here. We would love to invite you into our community. Perhaps we can cree8 an opportunity for you to give a workshop here on working with youth. You are really inspiring many people. Thank you. Ara Parker, Associate Chair, Art Therapy, St. Stephen’s College

  3. Beautiful family of yours always! We appreciate your gifts of story painting. Thank you for you and your family’s gifts today at Bear Claw Gallery.

  4. Your proposal to give identical pairs of moccasins to members of the legislature and the homeless, so each would have a buddy, is awesome. What’s more it is within the realms of possibility to make work. The beading could be magical as well.

  5. About the moccasins, real good idea, but it would be even greater, if each MLA who received a pair would be able to share another pair that they would pay for so even more people could share the magic. May be feasible, maybe not. just sayin….

  6. Thank you for donating 25% of the proceeds to support and honour Chief Theresa Spence and the children of Attawapiskat. I love your work and the messages behind it, and it will be a great reminder to have your work hanging in my house as a reminder of how I can be an ally to first nations struggles moving forward into times of deep change.

  7. Hi Aaron!

    Heard your interview on CBC Radio One this morning out here in Ottawa. So proud of you and everything you have done for your family and community! Havent spoke in quite some time, drop me a line when you have some time.

    Kristen Moher, nee: Lewis (Carol Lewis’s daughter, sister of Paulette Paquette)

  8. Hi Aaron, You were so eloquent on CBC this morning; excellent!

    We are wondering if you would be available to given a talk (and show your work) here at St. Stephen’s College in April or May. Could you contact me so we could explore this?
    Best Wishes!

    Ara Parker, Assoc. Chair, Art Therapy,
    Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality Program,
    St. Stephen’s College 780 439-7311 ext 32

  9. Aaron, your work is amazing…. I am so happy your life experiences led you back to painting. You are a work of Art. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Aaron, as a fellow artist, I just wanted to share with you that your work is truly appreciated, inspirational, of high standard and unique. “To realize is to create”. I have just ordered two of my favorite prints so that in a small way, I can share with my wife and two sons our countries true heritage with in the confines of our home.

    I shall continue to follow your life as I live mine.


  11. Aaron — Your images and thoughts are such an inspiration, and the #Ottawapiskat thing was just brilliant. I wonder, though, if you could add a “search” widget or function to your page through WordPress? It would be nice to find older things that have drifted to the bottom of the pile.

  12. Hi Aaron, I am so grateful for who you are and all you share. I am just now learning to give voice and expression to how I am made. With gratitude. ~ April

  13. Love your work… it is inspiring! I wear an Idle no More t-shirt with joy! Just wondering if prints are available of “The Path Shows us the Way”? Thanks!

  14. Hi Aaron, I work for treaty 8 and am writing a book on elders. We are looking for art for the book and I came across your name. If this sounds like something you might be interested in contact me, (dustin twin) at Thanks.

  15. I am trying to find out if you are the artist that did the Idle No More painting with the Woman and Child in silhouette in purple I would like to use it on The Website for The California Conference on American Indian Education website please contact me at your convenience.

    1. I am the artist! I’m pretty sure it’s cool ( well I KNOW it is as far as I’m concerned) but you might want to run it by the founders of INM. You can reach them on twitter, Facebook or here:

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