We Are More Than We Have Shown…


Creation is an act of choice.

Choice is an act of will.

Will is an act of reason.

Reason is an act of thought.

Thought is an act of awareness.

Awareness is an act of spirit.

Spirit is an act of Creation.


I think about creativity ALL THE TIME.

I think about how it is almost non-existent in many power structures, especially government. When the government wants you to do something, more often than not you will find them appealing to your fear, your hate, your selfishness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they appealed to your courage, your love and your selflessness, your sense of community?

But that requires the ability to trust, and trust is an extension of being practiced in creativity. And when you’re operating from a creative place you don’t always know how something is going to turn out, but you have faith, you have experience, and you have the ability to help guide and flow with the unexpected.

And when you do that, incredible, previously unimagined solutions emerge.

Everyone has the potential for great creativity but sadly we are taught the prevailing mindset that it’s unimportant to ‘reality’.

And so we ignore our intuitions, our Sparks of imagination, and our ennobling inspirations.

Well, you can change that.

And in changing that you change your thought in that moment. Those moments become your day, your days become your life.

Believe you are creative. Pursue it. Find out what it means. You will discover that creativity isn’t just reserved for artists or children, but it’s our birthright and is the most practical discipline you could ever master. Your creativity is the essence of a passionate, purposeful life.

If you change your life, we are all one step closer to changing the world.

It starts with that little firing of a neuron, and another and another.

We are more than we have shown, and even more than we have allowed ourselves to dream.

We are not going to go down in history as the destroyers of the world, but as the generation that stood up and began the incredible transformation.

The start of a better tomorrow for all our generations.

Believe that.

And start creating it.

We rise together.

Hiy hiy


Words & Art: Aaron Paquette


Cynicism Never Was Wisdom -or- A joyful end to the world as we know it

photo: Clarice Anderson
photo: Clarice Anderson

This is Banff, Alberta, Canada

The closest mountains are Rundle on the right and the smaller Tunnel Mountain on the left.

We know it as Sleeping Buffalo.

The legend is that when time has passed and the time is right, the mountain will move, the Sleeper will awaken.

It will be a signal that the Buffalo are returning to the plains.

Many religions espouse an apocalyptic vision for the world that must surely come before we settle into paradise. And that may be the case. Maybe things have to fall before we can pick ourselves up again in the right ways.

I have no problem with any faith, creed or ideology as long as it’s main purpose is to ease the suffering of the children of men.

If not, then what good is it?

We live in interesting times. I learned from a fortune cookie that this is a curse. I feel it’s a blessing.

We have the opportunity to serve like never before. Our connectedness (which many decry as a form of disconnection) is doing something really remarkable. It’s teaching us deeper and deeper compassion. It’s tearing down the walls that keep us apart.

A neighbour can now live halfway across the world and our hearts will cry for them in their need, and laugh with them in triumph.

It’s really quite beautiful.

There are a lot of challenges coming. Those of us who live in so-called First World countries will have some adapting to do before it all plays itself out, and that’s okay. We live like futuristic royalty anyway, even the poorest of us, comparatively speaking.

And maybe, just maybe, some smart lady or fellow will figure us out of this headlong rush we’re in, this dependence on extreme energy gathering and burning that seems pretty great when running smoothly and pretty horrific when it fails.

But there’s no reason to fear.

Perhaps mourn, yes. But fear? No.

This world is breathtakingly beautiful. We appreciate far less than we could, and that’s a cause for sadness, and probably the greater reason is that we don’t respect the earth as much as we could – don’t love this planet as much as we should.

A lot of people think everything is okay as long as they’re making money. Don’t worry about those people. They aren’t worth arguing with or getting annoyed over – they’re just trying to care for their families and got a little blinded along the way. It happens to the best of us. The reality is that the way we live is not okay. This is not not a value judgement, just a science call.

It’s simply unsustainable and something’s gotta give. Either the ecosystem or us.

I think it should be us.

I believe that if everyone who reads this makes it an intention to actively speak to their representatives and friends for better energy solutions, better research, and more responsibility toward our lands and waters, that the world would rapidly change for the better.

There is a fear that if we get off the heroin drip of oil, something horrible will happen to the economy.

Well who on earth do you think is selling that idea? Who gains to lose?


We already have the technology available to wean ourselves off petrochemicals and nuclear power and develop an entirely new economy and jobs system. We will be okay.

We don’t have to invent anything new, we just have to use what’s already available.

We have to grow up.

And that means we have to find delight, magic, joy and wisdom in our hearts.

As I’ve always said:

Hope was never naivety just as
Cynicism never was wisdom

Hope is what intelligent people do.

Hope is what the Elders teach us.

Hope combined with faith is the most powerful transformative power in the world.

I hope you choose to be happy.

I hope you know you’re not alone.

I hope you will be the change we so desperately need.

And I have faith in all these things.

If the world as we know it is to end, let’s let it end in an explosion of joy and celebration, a flowering of better and better days.

If the Sleeping Buffalo is going to awaken, then let’s give the returning herds a free world in which to roam.

Let our spirits and theirs roam together in a world made more beautiful than we found it when it’s our time to leave.

This we can do.

I know.

Because I have hope and I have faith.

I can see it if I allow myself to, and let me tell you…it’s pretty nice.

hiy hiy



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So Dream For Them….


We’re facing troubled times.

Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new catastrophe, a new war, a new injustice.

For many people, the view is that the world has never been more bleak, more hopeless.

It’s in a bit of a mess, that’s for sure. I’ll admit that.

I’ll admit that there are some troubles coming that are already set, that we can’t turn back or bottle back up.

But I also see that there has never been more hope.

There has never been more daily acts of goodness, of giving, of kindness.

I see a surge coming, a mighty wave, a movement that – once it gets started – will become unstoppable.

You are part of that movement. You are part of the changing of the guard, of the transformation of our times.

And it won’t be done by a few massive deeds by a small group of people, it will be accomplished by a billion simple acts by a billion good people.

We can change the world so easily. We just have to believe that our small actions are compounding, growing, spreading and are making a difference.

Because they are.

Just by being a live you make a difference.

Now live with purpose. Live with reason. Live to make your life better, your community better and the world itself will heal and finally become whole.

Of course, it can never happen if there is no belief. No faith to put into action.

So believe. Believe that you have a greater potential than you have been living. And start living it.

The fate of our children’s children rest on our shoulders. It’s a good thing there are so many shoulders to bear the burden!

Despite what you may have been told, despite what the naysayers would have you believe, the work is not heavy, nor is it overwhelming.

It may be hard work, we may sweat a little under the sun, but it’s entirely possible.

Support the good things you see. Share the positive progress you learn about. Keep it going, keep it growing and help us all to build a better today, for those who come tomorrow.

The people who say you can’t change the world

The people who get angry and tear you down

Have been hurt so bad

That they can’t believe

They don’t dare to dream

So dream for them


hiy hiy


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The world already has free energy.

It’s called the Sun.

If as much resources were put into harnessing that unimaginable power as into maintaining the profits of corporations who would destroy God’s creation we could live in a virtual paradise.

This isn’t a screed against anything, it’s only a reminder of our true heart’s desires. A reminder of our true and ancient values.

Most wars are fought over scarcity of resources. Most wars today are over oil. Ideology, religion, these are simply fronts and tools used by those in power to divert you from the true cause: Maintaining the status quo.

It will change in our lifetime.

Because there is another power waiting to be unleashed.

Your personal awakening. Of waking to the light.

The power of the worlds people combined in positive thought and energy.

When a billion people desire the same thing and move toward it, no man can stop it.

And we desire it.

We desire freedom.

We desire a world for our grandchildren and theirs – and theirs! where their potential can be fully realized, where they sleep safe at night and have clean food to eat, clean water to drink.

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting…

And now it’s time.

Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we are emerging from the restrictive power of greed and emptiness into a world of our own making.

A world where we are guided by the Creator and by sense and science.

A world of giving, building and helping each other.

Many people fear this because they fear the unknown, they can’t walk that razor’s edge, that uncertainty. But like the surfer finding the tube, you have to trust. You have to believe. You have to see it before it can ever happen.

And then you have to work for it.

It’s time.

It’s the beautiful, hoped for time.

And you are here to make it happen.

Hiy hiy.



Let’s make this the start of something incredible. Join me in a revolution.

What do you get out of it?

The world, chico. And everything in it. This is a commitment that will change your life for the better, forever.

Here’s how it works:

Read one book a week. Without fail.

To understand a thing, read five diverse books on the topic.

Read every day.

Read to your children.

Read to your friends.

Read to your elders.

Share what you’ve read.

Write about it.

And write your own book.

Join the #ReadingRevolution

Education is what gives you ideas. Ideas are what transform the world.

So what do you say? Will you make the commitment?

hiy hiy

Aaron Paquette
March 4, 2013







This is Our Time – Idle No More

Poverty can strip you of pride and hope.

Infirmity can deprive you of basic dignity.

Heartbreak can empty out your soul.

Loss can can leave you broken.

These are the way stations of life. The stopping points that absolutely demand our attention. If we fail to notice, or to give our full presence, we can be gripped by the emotions, the dull ache of these things and they can become our lives, our children’s lives and theirs.

Or we can stop grinding it out and listen.

Your spirit is speaking. The world whispers. The wind softly breathes and all life speaks in quiet tones.

Quiet and firm.


Enough suffering, you’ve got the lesson. Maybe things won’t or can’t change, but you can. You’ve got the lesson, now transform.

Transform your vision, transform your heart. Transform your perception of the world around you and it will change. It must change.


Rise now, at last.

Wipe your tears. Remember your strength. Recover your smile and let laughter fly.


Raise your head for you are noble.

Give of yourself for you are abundant.

Lift others for you are strong. A strength that grows with responsibility shouldered.

Share your joy for you are immersed in the bubbling glee of the beautiful universe.

Too long have you walked in shadow and sorrow, in hopelessness, uselessness, and pain.

Accept it all!

And put everything in it’s proper place.

Be. Here. Now.

And Rise.

You have a purpose. You have a reason.

Find it.

It will change.

And you must find it again. Every day.

Every day is new and unknown and untold and amazing.

Just like you.

Speak your life into being and jump to action.

Serve, Serve, Serve.

Happiness is found in love and patience.

Learn. It’s the delight of the mind. And the mind wants to dance.

Into the wild! Away from screens and signals and noise and bustle!

Into the wild and renew, reconnect, and remember.

And Rise.

You have been Idle too long. Idle no more.

Hope was never naiveté, just as cynicism never was wisdom.

Your time, no matter your age, education, ability or circumstance…is Right. Now.

My prayer for you is that you stand.

And sometimes you’ll stand alone. But never truly alone.

If you are hnest, true, humble, loving, respectful, courageous and wise…all things will work to guide you.

So Rise. Rise at last.

It’s your time.

hiy hiy


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Idle No More – One Heartbeat – Demonstrating Peace


So it’s happening.

The world is waking up. We are seeing the glory of Creation. We are honoring each other and our future generations. We are opening our eyes and rather than fight, we sing.

We dance.

We drum.

One heartbeat across the planet.

Canada’s Indigenous people, spurred by recent actions of the government (including dropping protection of over a million waterways to a hundred overnight), are standing up.

Standing up for your children and ours, for your water and ours, for your Mother Earth and ours.

We are respecting this land the Creator made for all of us.

We are Idle No More.

And we are happy.

December 21, 2012

We invite you to join us.

Find out what’s happening in your city or town. If there is nothing, start something!

This is peaceful demonstration, in other words: Demonstrating Peace.

Demonstrating Love, acceptance and the voice of change.

A true warrior is one who stands for their people, for the elders and the young, for the community and the land.

The Truest Warrior is the Peacemaker.

You can’t fight anger with anger, disdain for disdain.

You can only fill empty places with love.

You can only fill empty hearts with compassion.

You can only fill empty lives with meaning.

You can only fill the emptiness of greed with an overflowing abundance and generosity of spirit.

And it’s time.

hiy hiy


In Edmonton:

This is a peaceful, yet focused gathering grounded with Natural Laws, ALL HUMAN BEINGS WELCOME.


December 21, 2012
10:30am – 3pm

WHAT: Peaceful Ceremonial March to Gather Our Ancestors and Further Reaffirm Our Sovereign Position;

WHERE: START at Kinsman Park (9100 Walterdale Hill NW) and END at Sir Winston Churchill Square (99 St. and 102 Ave.).

The Idle No More movement has called on all Nations to drum and sing across Turtle Island on December 21, 2012 for a Global Synchronized Spiritual Awakening.

This day is significant since it is the winter solstice and is a re-aligning of energy from our Ancestors. We want to honor and recognize the Drum as it represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of our people.

Indigenous peoples from Amiskwaciy (Edmonton) call on all people and nations to join us in solidarity in “One Heartbeat” through the Drum as we honor the ways of our Ancestors.

This event will honor the ways of our Ancestors as we call on them to help us bring attention to the injustice Indigenous peoples, land and waters are encountering through the unilateral imposition of legislative policies that blatantly disregard our Natural Laws and the sacred Treaty relationship.

Words of the Four Founding IDLE NO MORE Women:

One Heartbeat Across Turtle Island December 21

Idle No More has called to drummers and singers from across Turtle Island to join us on December 21st at noon (Saskatchewan) for a global [synchronized] spiritual awakening.
The heartbeat of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, is the heartbeat of the people.
Drums are the oldest living instruments on earth, and their vibration helps us tune into the natural frequency of the earth, connecting us to all that is through a shared heartbeat.
The drum combines animal and plant life to make an instrument that rings not only through the air, but across time. All the elements of Nature are used in the creation of the drum, representing the circle of life in all its aspects. Our songs hold the stories of our past and the visions for our future.

Official Website: www.idlenomore.ca
ONE HEARTBEAT: http://idlenomore1.blogspot.ca/2012/12/one-heartbeat-across-turtle-island.html
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/119110748252831/?fref=ts
Twitter: #idlenomore
Support Chief Theresa Spence: #theresaspence