We Are More Than We Have Shown…


Creation is an act of choice.

Choice is an act of will.

Will is an act of reason.

Reason is an act of thought.

Thought is an act of awareness.

Awareness is an act of spirit.

Spirit is an act of Creation.


I think about creativity ALL THE TIME.

I think about how it is almost non-existent in many power structures, especially government. When the government wants you to do something, more often than not you will find them appealing to your fear, your hate, your selfishness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they appealed to your courage, your love and your selflessness, your sense of community?

But that requires the ability to trust, and trust is an extension of being practiced in creativity. And when you’re operating from a creative place you don’t always know how something is going to turn out, but you have faith, you have experience, and you have the ability to help guide and flow with the unexpected.

And when you do that, incredible, previously unimagined solutions emerge.

Everyone has the potential for great creativity but sadly we are taught the prevailing mindset that it’s unimportant to ‘reality’.

And so we ignore our intuitions, our Sparks of imagination, and our ennobling inspirations.

Well, you can change that.

And in changing that you change your thought in that moment. Those moments become your day, your days become your life.

Believe you are creative. Pursue it. Find out what it means. You will discover that creativity isn’t just reserved for artists or children, but it’s our birthright and is the most practical discipline you could ever master. Your creativity is the essence of a passionate, purposeful life.

If you change your life, we are all one step closer to changing the world.

It starts with that little firing of a neuron, and another and another.

We are more than we have shown, and even more than we have allowed ourselves to dream.

We are not going to go down in history as the destroyers of the world, but as the generation that stood up and began the incredible transformation.

The start of a better tomorrow for all our generations.

Believe that.

And start creating it.

We rise together.

Hiy hiy


Words & Art: Aaron Paquette


Great Creators Academy

So…I get a constant stream of requests for teaching the things I’ve learned over time about Creativity.

What it is, where it comes from, how we use it to literally Create the lives we want to live. How we can use it to dream bigger, to perform better, to be changers of our own lives and affect the world in a massive, positive way.

For me, Creativity has meant a transformation of my life every single day. In my relationships, in my art, in my business, in my health, and so on.

So I’m developing a program. Luckily I’ve spent the past couple years working on a book about it, so it’s coming along pretty nicely.

Anyway, I’ll give a link to save a space for it if you’re interested below, but I have a question.

I wanted to call it the Great Creators Academy.

When I was learning my craft on the streets (literally. I used to do street art), I first studied from the people we call the Masters. Michelangelo, DaVinci, Raphael (basically ALL the ninja turtles, lol), and then expanded from there.

But one thing I learned right away was that ANYONE could be a Master…a Great Creator…in some way or another. And with that knowledge, they could design their own destiny.

Big Idea territory, I know, but that’s what it’s all about. We’re bigger than we dare dream.

And it’s time to dream.

My question is, does this appeal to you? What would be your big questions? The whole point would be to serve you in the areas you really need, rather than just guessing about it.

What would it take for you to become a Great Creator? Or…if you’re already there, how can we get you to the next step?

It’s NOT just about being an artist, it’s about being a CREATOR in every aspect of your life. It’s about your entire life becoming a masterpiece.

The world needs leaders, and leaders are those who know how to live in the Moment. And really, being in that Moment is where we are the most Creative after all.

Practical, smart, and full of spirit and joy. That’s my aim with this. Sound like something you want to aim for, too?

I hope so!

Here’s the sign-up link to be on the list for more information as it develops:

Yes! I want to know more!

Once you sign up, I’ll make sure that in a few days I’ll send you something neat. I’m just learning how this web stuff works or I’d have it automatic. As it is, I’ll have to do it personally.

hiy hiy


Despair or Hope? The Role of Creativity With the Future


Despair or Hope. Artists have a role to play, and so do you. Please share.


From Vision to Execution: The Artist’s Roadmap to the Future

What is the role of the artist in a modern, connected society? Does art reflect the culture, or shape it?

And what about sustainability? Do the old forms still work, or is there a new movement rising?

Independent, untrained artists are capturing the public’s attention and shaping the social discourse. Why? And how is this happening?

An evening with artist, writer and speaker Aaron Paquette will shed light on these questions as he walks with you through this exciting new world where technology, social change, and humour converge. You will be challenged to re-evaluate your perceptions of what art is in the 21st century and where it is taking us on the uncertain road ahead, and why that’s a very good thing.

Thursday, May 2 2013

Venue: The Club
Phone: 780.425.1820
Address: 9828 101A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tickets are free:


This event will be streaming LIVE around the world:



Presenting partners are the Alberta Museums Association, Citadel Theatre, Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton Heritage Council and MacEwan University